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AVERT Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

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Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) provides you with the tools to react quickly in an active shooter situation and teaches you techniques on how to stop the bleed of victims in life-threatening situations.

AVERT is even more than active shooter training

When violence occurs, seconds count, and you can’t always wait for EMS to arrive. AVERT’s active shooter training course empowers you to become an immediate responder by learning emergency stop the bleed techniques. AVERT teaches how to:

  • Recognize warning signs using situational awareness
  • Decide whether to escape, evade or attack
  • Apply critical stop the bleeding techniques
  • Respond quickly and confidently in an emergency
Why your organization need active shooter training with AVERT
Active Shooter Training Strategies animated graphic with icons representing: Escape, Evade, Defend, Distract, Disarm, and Respond

Our AVERT Active Shooter Training Class Teaches:

  • The benefits of Active Response Training
  • Provide immediate response when life-threatening bleeding occurs
  • Correctly apply direct pressure to a bleeding injury and how to pack a wound and apply a tourniquet
  • Capabilities of some weapons commonly used in active violence
  • Situational Awareness: Recognize the signs and behaviors that can forecast potential active violence
  • Strategies to escape or evade an attacker
  • Prepare and defend a room during an active violence event
  • Distract and disarm an assailant 
  • Interact safely with law enforcement officers at the scene of active violence

Course Overview:

Certification Period

2 Years

Course Length

Approximately 3 hours
*Also requires the online portion to be completed as a prerequisite to the classroom training portion.

Maximum Number of Students


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

AVERT stands Active Violence Emergency Response Training. AVERT goes beyond active shooter training by including emergency bleeding control basics to ensure all participants know how to respond appropriately and help individuals who may be injured before medical responders arrive on scene.

Once taught only to industry professionals, the content in AVERT has been specifically adapted for the
general public by medical and law enforcement experts. Unlike other training programs that focus solely
on Run, Hide, Fight techniques, AVERT uses a dynamic method to teach proactive awareness, how to
react and protect yourself and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to stop the bleed of severe
injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.

The AVERT course is delivered in a “blended” training format. This means students will first receive
online training introducing them to the subject and preparing them for the instructor-led session.

In-person sessions last approximately three hours and include hands-on training, realistic drills and
education with encouraging tips and feedback. Class sizes are limited to 15 people or less so that all
participants will leave the AVERT program with the confidence to respond with appropriate action if an
active violence or life-threatening situation arises.

AVERT certification is valid for two years. We recommend training staff annually or every two years and maintaining a workplace violence program as required by OSHA [section 32.0.2(1)]. Clear policies and procedures should be reviewed and updated annually.

AVERT training supports anyone who could be involved in an active violence situation, and it’s appropriate for all industries and types of venues such as: Government, Healthcare, Places of Worship, Schools, Sporting Venues, Manufacturing, Office Settings and Retail Environments.

All employees should participate in the training to ensure they know how to prevent and respond if met with an active violence situation.

The AVERT certification course is an active program that integrates a lot of hands-on skills and techniques, making it necessary to require a maximum class size of 15 students.

AVERT goes beyond single training topics and teaches topics from both active shooter and emergency bleeding control training. By combining these two integrated topics in one dynamic hands-on course, AVERT covers everything you need to handle a life-threatening situation.

Authorized AVERT instructors use orange replica weapons to discuss the types of weapons most commonly used in violent situations. They are also used to demonstrate how to disarm an attacker if other alternatives, such as evading and escaping, are not possible.

Yes, AVERT uses training tourniquets to prepare students to respond to potential injuries that may occur in an active violence or emergency bleeding event.

AVERT promotes TAC+PAC Bleeding Control kits, which include a tourniquet. AVERT TAC+PACs are free from allergens and have unlimited shelf life to ensure you and your company are prepared and always ready to respond if needed. TAC+PACs can be purchased through your AVERT instructor, DJ Dickerson. Contact for more details.

OSHA does not have a specific standard for workplace violence. However, under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the OSH Act, or the Act), the extent of an employer’s obligation to address workplace violence is governed by the General Duty Clause, which is often interpreted to include protection from workplace violence.

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