Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed: Learn emergency bleeding control skills & techniques that can help save a life

Stop the Bleed Training

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Did you know that a person with a severe injury can bleed to death in as little as three minutes? In fact, bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death after inury.

In this Stop the Bleed Training, you will learn three techniques to control life-threatening bleeding until emergency responders arrive. Being equipped with these techniques and knowledge enables you to respond faster, making those precious minutes count and possibly save a life.

Bleeding Control Training - Three Techniques to Stop the Bleed

Through our Stop the Bleed training, you will learn three quick emergency bleeding control techniques that can help save a life:

Apply Proper Pressure

close cropped view of gloved hands applying pressure to bleeding wound on man's arm

Pack a Wound

close cropped view of packing a wound on training dummy

Place a Tourniquet

close cropped view of a woman placing a tourniquet above a man's leg wound

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